Northern Outpost is a Seattle-based company, which supplies domestic and imported gemstone beads, carvings, and jewelry.
As the owner of Northern Outpost I try to find items that will please a wide audience, from interesting but inexpensive items, to one-of-a-kind pieces.  Although the bulk of my merchandise is normally made of finished gemstone material, I often pick up other things that I find interesting and unique.
History of Northern Outpost
The beginnings of the Northern Outpost go all the way back to my childhood. As a young child I was fascinated by maps and globes. I collected stamps just for the pictures and imagined faraway places. As I got older I spent time camping and fishing, hiking in the Sierra Nevada’s, and taking overnight bike trips up and down the coast – from Southern California to British Columbia.
I started travelling to Mexico and Central America to explore other cultures. Along the way I began picking up special items to sell in the U.S. as a way to fund the next journey. In between trips I held various jobs that allowed me to travel: from seasonal Forest Service worker in Idaho, to Youth Hostel Manager in San Francisco, to organic farm worker, to wooden boat builder in Seattle, to Peace Corp volunteer in West Africa, and finally as a leader taking teenagers to do community service in the British Virgin Islands.
I officially turned my travels into a business in 1997. Now, as the proprietor of Northern Outpost, I enjoy travelling to places as close as Mexico and as far as India and the Far East. You can find me at shows and festivals in the Northwest region, although I occasionally venture further afield. Check my events calendar to see where I will be next.
Thank you for supporting Northern Outpost.
Best wishes and happy travels
Matt Pfister